Detoxification for Life

I started talking to my text friend, who I have known for a year about having a luxurious life. We discussed how we wanted fancy lives, his dreams obviously a little different than mine. However, we never want to turn arrogant about it.
The point of this post is, how quickly we can make decisions to alter our life. Him and I are going to eliminate any and all distractions, and our next chat will be a month from now. (On November 22nd) We both understand that to have a life of comfort, you HAVE to be persistent and focused. I want to know what type of person I can come out as. Wish me luck.




Omg 😍 Ziam🙈
Their little dance 😱

Iktara from Wake up Sid

Sun Rahi Hoon Sudhbudh Kho Ke
Koi Main Kahani
Puri Kahani Hai Kya Kisi Hai Pata
Main To Kisiki Ho Ke Yeh Bhi Na Jaani
Ruth Hai Yeh Do Pal Ki Ya Rahegi Sada
Kise Hai Pata
Kise Hai Pata

Jo Barsein Sapne Boond Boond
Nainon Ko Moond Moond
Nainon Ko Moond Moond
Jo Barsein Sapne Boond Boond
Nainon Ko Moond Moond

Kaise Main Chaloon
Dekh Na Sakoon
Anjaane Raaste