I am and always will be infatuated with flowers. If I could build a mansion, I’d choose flowers over bricks. Than I’d pray I don’t get trapped in the “Three Little Piglets” story, because than I’m definitely going down first.

Anyways. (I have the tendency to rant.)

I wanted to freshen up my study space to make studying more bearable. So, I decided to do this cute thing. It looks so pretty! All I needed was a small bottle, and I picked these flowers from my garden. (Since childhood, I’ve been obsessed with bottles. I don’t know why.)

Hopefully, some of you decide to try this out. If anyone does, let me know. Peace.

Life is not always what is expected from ourselves. Our desires sometimes become too inhumane. The key to living is not breathing, but making each breath count. Become a self fulfilled prophecy.